The New York-based fashion designer launched his eponymous womenswear line in 1981, and later also worked at the helm of French fashion house Celine from 1997 to 2003. While Kors' style can be described as a cross between all-American glamour and sportswear, the designer isn't a big fan of the trend of athleisure clothing being used as a substitute for casual wear.

"What I do is always a little bit of a contradiction," he told website asia one. "We can't deny that in today's world, life is more casual, it's faster, so comfort is important but, at the same time, do you want to see the world in yoga clothes? No."

And as you might expect, the 57-year-old, who counts Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez as devoted fans of the brand, has plenty of advice for his clientele, especially in regards to the essential items from his brand they should own to look chic on their downtime.

Among the items he recommends are white shirts because "everyone looks great with white next to their face. It has no season, you can dress it up, you can dress it down."

He also suggests women include a pair of metallic sandals, a knitted dress which travels well, a black raincoat or a trenchcoat, within their travel wardrobe staples.

Don't forget to add dresses which are easy to wear and a pair of aviator shades because, joked the designer, "everyone wants to have an Angelina Jolie moment".

But the best advice the New Yorker has for women is really "knowing yourself and knowing what works" for you.

"You have to show what you like and cover what you don't," Kors smiled. "No one loves everything. So if you love your legs, then you wear short clothes.

"If you don't, you don't care if short is being shown on the runway. You wear something longer, you wear trousers."Read more at:prom dress shops in london | prom dress shops in manchester