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Fake fur accessories such as bags, scarfs, hats and sandals are popular this winter. Soft, fluffy and warm-looking, they subtly dress up winter fashion.

Imitation fur is made of synthetic fibres. Its appearance and texture are often indistinguishable from the real things.

Prices for fake fur are reasonable and there are a wide variety of designs.

An 18-year-old university student in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, wore a pair of earrings made of snow-white imitation fur. She chose the earrings to fit with her chic outfit featuring a black hat and brown jacket. As she walked, the earrings swung, highlighting their fluffiness.

“I like these earrings as they add a bright touch,” she said.

A 20-year-old part-time worker in a white knit sweater and dark-blue jeans carried a pale pink-and-brown shoulder bag in imitation fur to accent her outfit. “Even when I am dressed casually, fake fur accessories add glamour,” said the woman from Kurume.

In recent years, colourful fake fur items have grown in popularity. According to the Tokyo-based Japan Chemical Fibers Association, imitation fur is highly chromogenic, making it possible to create complex patterns. A 29-year-old company employee from Fukui carried a black bag with a key ring made from fake fur that had been dyed light-blue, pink and purple, that worked to soften the look of her bag.

The variety of fake fur accessories has doubled when compared to the previous season, according to Me%, an accessory store chain operating outlets mainly around Tokyo, including at Lumine shopping complexes in station buildings.

“People can enjoy a warm feeling by adding fake fur accessories to their usual clothes,” company spokesperson Hanae Imori said. “They can easily make themselves look wintry by using fake fur items.”

Women who I met on the street used just one fake fur accessory to soften the look of their attire. Imitation fur appears to make winter fashion look more stylish, rather than protect against the cold.Read more at:pink prom dresses