Wearing leggings as pants

DESTINY’s Fashion Editor, Asanda Sizani’s first fashion no-no is wearing leggings as pants.

Ladies, leggings are not pants. No matter how great or well toned your body is, it’s not flattering when your entire body is exposed and you’re wearing a short top.

“Treat leggings as they are, wear them with a longer top,” says Sizani.

There’s no way you can make them sophisticated with heels, if they aren’t paired with a longer top that matches the sophistication of the heel”. Never wear leggings with a short top or tucked in.

Creased clothing

Unless the garment is meant to look creased, wearing clothing that is wrinkled is not sexy. “If you’re travelling, wear fabric that won’t crease like stretch material or jersey knits. You want to look good on arrival” she says. The creased look is just not cool.

Also, if you’re clumsy like me, be cautious when wearing white garments. They stain easily and accidents do happen.

Tip: When wearing white, refrain from touching your face if you wear make-up. It will stain your white outfit without you even noticing.

Make sure the soles of your heels are in good condition

Heels will always make that ‘click clack’ sound because of their height. But that squeaky embarrassing sound of metal they make when the sole has worn out or eroded is NOT cool! No ladies’, shoes shouldn’t make that sound.

“Always check the heels/soles of your heels. I suggest on a Sunday when you’re relaxed and preparing for the week ahead. If they’re eroded, then go get them fixed – it isn’t costly at all,” she says.

Also, while we’re on the topic of heels… Ladies, please make sure you can walk in your heels. Heels are meant to make women feel confident and poised. If you look anything less, you’re not wearing the right type of shoe.

“Practice makes perfect,” says Sizani. “If you’re new to wearing heels, start with comfortable height and a style that offers support and balance like block heels”.

Chipped nail polish

We’ve been all guilty of wearing chipped nail polish – me included! To save yourself from having to constantly explain how you’ve been forgetting to remove it to everyone you see, rather opt for gelish. It’s a long lasting alternative to nail polish.

Try: The Treat, in Randburg – it’s quite reasonable and their gelish lasts.

An exposed bra

There’s a reason why it’s called underwear ladies – it’s meant to be worn underneath your clothing. At no point should it be visible (unless of course you’re wearing a lacey top) no matter how sexy it is. An exposed bra is not the look you want, especially if it’s not the right fit or colour for the outfit.

“Get measured. As you mature and as your body changes, so does your bra size,” says Sizani. Always make sure you’re wearing the correct under garments at all times that offer support”.

Wear the right type of bra in terms of fabric and colour, for the clothing you’re wearing.

Low rise jeans that show skin

Be weary of low rise jeans, no one should see your sagging skin when you bend over.

“When buying a pair of jeans, don’t just buy off the rack, take time to go to change room and fit,” says Sizani. Do a bending test to see how much will be exposed, when you’re sitting down and have to get back.Read more at:junior prom dresses | prom dresses 2017 uk