The best designers from Omaha Fashion Week’s spring shows are quite young.

The show ended its six-night run Sunday and on Monday named four champions — one from each designer show on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All are college-age or younger. Two are in high school.

Despite, or perhaps because of, their youth, these four designers pushed the envelope, producer Brook Hudson said.

“The winners are producing things we haven’t seen, and I think that’s really cool,” she said. “I’d like to see more of our designers really dive in. The whole fashion industry just feels like every time we see something, it’s like we’ve seen that before. We need something new.”

Hannah Hidalgo, a Bellevue West High School student who designed a sack-waist skirt, was chosen as the winner of Tuesday’s student show. She and all the other winning designers take home $500 prizes.

Last year’s student showcase winner, Christopher Di Giorgio, graduated to the professional showcase this year. And, yet again, he’ll get a check. He won Saturday’s showcase with his menswear line.

The spring show’s eldest winner is Kate Bruce, a senior at Iowa State University who has interned with Marc Jacobs International and Kate Spade New York. She showed her designs Thursday. The show’s youngest champion, 15-year-old Ciara Fortun, showed on Friday.

“When they win and they’re recognized in this way, it makes them realize, ‘Wow, I really can do this,’ ” Hudson said. “Then, to have the money, obviously it’s a great resource so they can really build their next collection and do an even better job with more resources.”

Hudson said the show waited to announce its winners until Monday at the request of the designers, who wanted to emphasize camaraderie during the week.

Omaha Fashion Week judging panel consisted of Vanessa Barrett, Sam Hohman, Robyn Kortan, Nick Huff and Phil Hawkins.Read more at:girls prom dresses | prom dress shops