Sandra Ndebele (Photo:2017 prom dresses)

AFTER months of studying, Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi passed her O-Level Mathematics examinations with a grade B.

An elated Ndebele-Sibindi described the feat as something that should inspire all Zimbabwean women and mothers to pursue their studies.

Ndebele-Sibindi, who was part of thousands of pupils who sat for the exams last year in November, said women should be determined to pursue their studies inspite of motherhood.

“There are people who have children and fail to pursue and finish their studies. My passing Mathematics is a stepping stone for me to go further with my education. I’ve shown that no matter your responsibilities as a mother or a wife, you can finish your studies with hard work and determination,” said Ndebele-Sibindi.

She said when she received news that the results were out, feelings from when she was a teenager came flooding back.

“We waited with other ex-students for an hour before they called my name and handed me my result slip which was closed. As I received it I was shaking and when I opened it all that anxiety faded away when I saw that I got a B,” said Ndebele-Sibindi.

She said the next step was to look for a university to study for a degree since she now has O-Level Maths.

“I’m weighing my options. I want to do something along the lines of Public Relations and Marketing. I was also offered Politics and Administration at Lupane State University, so I’ll see by the end of this month what I’ll decide. I’ll go to Nust to see what they have on offer,” said Ndebele-Sibindi.

Quizzed whether she was now back in Bulawayo since moving to Harare last year, Ndebele-Sibindi said: “I came back to Bulawayo because of school and other commitments. Since I’ll be attending university, I’ll be staying here because it’s convenient.”Read more at:blue prom dresses