The artworks created at the Magic Melody– Song of Love by artist Kishore Roy are figurative and narrate the playful character of Hindu god, Lord Krishna and also portray nature to a large extent. The artist has chosen the medium of acrylic on canvas to portray his imagination.

The series ‘Magic Melody - Song of Love’ is a symphony of love and beauty. Kishore Roy’s painting embrace history, illustrations fable and twist of imagination. The paintings are recognizable as they are similar to thoughts of mankind, nature and myths. Here Roy tries to explore the deities of Hindu pantheon, add portraits of animals, multitudes of Gopis and Radha, female subject and global spirituality.

Different motifs are imprinted on the bodies of various protagonists of his work which look appealing and pleasing. One of Roy’s painting depict the blue god with flute, who enchants all the birds, beasts and the hearts of human and many such illustrations can be observed on the canvas of this artist. It suffuses the listener and viewer with affection, and deep sympathies and empathies are born in the minds of onlooks. Roy’s take on Krishna is full of rasa and his techniques are contemporary, but the inspiration is timeless.

His paintings are not intended to be illustrations in the literal sense, rather they are punctuation marks, pauses for contemplation. The luminous colors of the work, ranging through and indigo are colors not commonly found in nature, always subtly modulated, they glow and burn like many colors of flames and jewel. His works are surprisingly modern; depiction of Krishna is conceived in all the energy of imagination.Read more at:prom dress shops in manchester |