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Since the last New York Fashion Week, business mogul, Kylie Jenner has been working with this woman. Her wardrobe has been changed thanks to her.

The star has been transformed to such extent that she looks just like her older sister, Kim Kardashian. Her street style has evolved a lot and she started taking big fashion risks.

From mini dresses that are nearly naked, giant fur coats and t-shirts paired with corsets, Kylie has done it all.

Jill Jacobs is the one to thank for Kylie’s new style. She has been her stylist since this fall. But she isn’t the only one responsible for the change, Jenner having a pretty distinct style as well.

The celebrity praised her stylist on her blog, saying how she always brings “the coolest stuff”. Jacobs is to thank for the star’s excitement when it comes to doing fittings.

Jill used to be the assistant of stylist Monica Rose, a favorite of the Kardashian clan.

Her best outfit choices (and the most popular) for the young Jenner are the ones she wore for Halloween, New York Fashion Week. The photo shoot that features Kylie and her boyfriend, Tyga, also has clothes picked by Jacobs. One of her latest photo shoots and the one Jenner is the most excited for, the Terry Richardson 2017 calendar, features outfits created by Jill.

If you want to follow Kylie’s wardrobe transformation, you can watch what she is doing and wearing on her many social media sites and on her personal blog. She and her new stylist sure have more up their sleeves.Read more at:2016 prom dresses